How do you build a guestbook in Flash MX

I’m busy with a website, and I would like to have a guestbook in it! Butt I don’t know how to build one?! Could someone help me?
If you know a good cursus about this subject tell me!!

thanks Didiusthegreat

buy/borrow the book PHP for Flash from friends of Ed. It has a guestbook tutorial

Someone just asked this very same question. Check out this thread:

Thanks a lot Renaissance girl,

I just hope that tutorial is to hard for me:)

I When my guestbook is ready I shall surely send it to you!!


Eum, sorry I’am a bit late?

But when I was busy today with making a few changes in the guestbook I suddenly noticed You can’t export in html or some strange lines appaer in my guestbook!! Eum:-\

Can someone help me (once again):slight_smile:

I don’t know in what I have to export My file?