How do you convert AVI to MOV

How do you convert Avi to Mov? Thanks for your help! and also, here is a free tool to record your screen, it’s great for making video tutorials. And great thing is, it’s free, and it records audio at the same time it is recording as well, so you can talk while you make your tutorial. No trial, no limits, only catch is, it exports in AVI format, which is a bit dodgy on most computers, it skips frames. That is why i was hoping someone can help me in converting avi to mov. Here is the free program

Good luck!

Not come across many programs to convert avi to mov!

You could try WinMPG video convert not sure if its what your looking for but its worth a try!

I tried that earlier today, it can’t convert to mov. Thanks anyways:)

You can try finding and downloading QuickTime 3, I found on some forums that it is able to do that conversion.

Yeh, I heard that somewhere too, not tried it out tho! Good luck

have you got any compositing apps? after effects… premier?

if not id stick with the quicktime idea…

No, don’t have any of those, what do you think the best video editing/compositing software is?

why QT3? 6 should be able to do it (I just tried it and converted an avi to mov from 6)

I can open avi in quicktime 6, but how would i save it as .mov?

export… > Quicktime movie (should be the default)

… you might need pro… I dont know Qt’s capabilities outside of pro. Its only like $29 or something for pro though - good deal.

Oh ok, that explains it :slight_smile: i don’t have pro, i’ll be sure to upgrade. Thanks for the tip.

*Originally posted by cybergold *
**No, don’t have any of those, what do you think the best video editing/compositing software is? **
for mov convertion? or you talking generally?

Generally i like what ive seen from Premier Pro if we are talking strickly video editing / compositing… for effect and compositing side of things, after effect 6 is pretty nice, but when you get the hang of combustion 3 its like woahhh…particle effects are like woahhh…


I was thinking about getting into video editing, and needed some advice, Combustion 3 it is :slight_smile: I’m looking at the site right now, looks very impressive! :beam:

yeah its nice… but some think its too hard (at the start it is), so people use after effects… since it’s adobe and its pretty much the same style as photoshop and works together nicely… guess its personal choice. Dnt get me wrong After effects is awesome , just ask DDD and mlkdesign who are using it…im just branching out to try other apps…

I havent used any particular app too much, but after effects is one of my favorites. The adobe familiarity goes a long way. Premier was ok - havent tried pro though. Ive used combustion like once or twice and didnt know what the heck I was doing :o heh

just my 1.5 c

just to clear something up Premier and after effects are two different style of apps…

Premier is based on Video editing and compositing/// DV camera import and export to dvd and ouput source. (video players, tv, broadcasting)

After effects:: what the name says… Post production effects on media imported, let it be video, bitmap files, illustrator files and then exported (or rendered) to a video format… .avi … .mov. sequence of tiffs/pngs/jpgs… So when this side is completed it is generally imported into premier for final composition.

just needed to clear that up, sounded like people thought premier was on the same page as after effects…


::woohoo just realise i just passed 2000 post count::

yeah, here at work we use Media 100 with after effects

So combustion is a little bit of both? Carrying compositing power like premeire and “after effects” like that in ‘After Effects’?