How do you make a color fade out into nothing?

im pretty sure its possibal… ive seen it alot. how whould i make a color, like in a circle or something, be black in the center and start to fade out as it goes out farther?

When you choose the fill color, make a gradient fill. If you want the color to fade to [null] then pick your solid color at the first slider, then on the second color set your alpha setting to 0 (zero) That should make the fill go from a solid color in the center to a transparent fill around the edge. I hope that made sense to ya. =)

[c]<EMBED src= quality=high bgcolor=#000000 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100></EMBED>[/c]


ooohh! i dont know why i never saw that! was this in flash 5? if it was, i guess i just didnt see it.

no, alpha gradients are new

alpha gradients? you could alpha gradient in Flash 5

you could?! my god i dont know why i never saw that!

do my tutorial “ray of light revisited” on You’ll see on one of the last pages, images of both panels that you need open, and a brief description of the process.