How do you make smoke?

Please help… I’ve tried making 12 diffrent images of smoke and animate them but it looks crappy… Is this done with actionscript? Anybody?\r\rThanks in advance\rs-weet

smoke is tough except in 3d programs like Maya and filming real smoke cases. :slight_smile: I’ve never had a great looking smoke.\r

I am doing smoke and dust using shape tween.

There’s a cloud tutorial here at kirupa:…scroll.asp\r\rYou can probably use the same technique to achieve whispy smoke rising up. I’m not sure if it will work, but maybe you could try it.

There’s a post about a dragoon in the Flash 5 forum. Well, the last post so far is a fla in which there are flames coming out of the mouth of the dragoon. It might help you.\r\rpom 0]

Like this?

Smoken…\r\rpom 0]

Answer: 3DS MAx + Illustrate or Swift = export to swf…

Doable in Flash too, I think. I don’t know how though… pom 0]

i officially am sickened by eyez.

Hmmmm…Is that a cigarette?..dosen’t look like one, could be somthing else…Hmmmmm :slight_smile:

lol yeah it is…you can see the filter if you look closely

That is one of the best examples of smoke I’ve ever seen, and by far the best I’ve seen done in Flash. Can I get a source FLA for that?

man… except that little jump at the end of the loop. I still want the source though…

reread my 2nd post: only swf, or 3ds file

ahh… I didn’t look at that…too busy mesmerized by the smoke I guess. :slight_smile:

i made this smoke with a shape and a script attached to it and duplicated x times, i think it looks nice, wish i new how to do duplicate.movieclip… anyone know a good tut on that?\r\rmeesje\r\r

Hey, that looks good !!\rWhat do you want to know about duplication ?\rpom 0]

thanks for liking it :)\r\ri’m just getting into actionscript so please excuse my poor knowledge… \r\rat this moment i started with a movieclip of the text balloonish shape and attached a script to it that sets certain properties like rotation, scale, alpha and position… when i want to change a parameter i have to access al scripts or change one and re-duplicate and re-tweak them\r\rso i imagine one can write one function and the instances calling the function, i tried all day but no go…\r\rthen there is the duplicate movie\rhere i assume there is a way to set a loop to generate an x amount of these instances and give them (random) slightly different properties… \r\ri know little bit of lingo, i know the concept of lists and reading them but maybe that is not needed here… anyway the simpler the better ))\r\rthank you for your attention,\r\rmeesje

Well, you could put one instance of smoke with the code in it, and instance name it ‘mc0’. You’d have to change the code a bit though.

 onClipEvent (enterFrame) {\r\rif (_name == "mc0) {\r\r         this.duplicateMovieClip("copy"+x,x) ;\r\r         this["copy"+x]._x = random (150) ;\r\r}\r\r// The rest of your code\r\r}

I don’t code from scratch too well though, so if this doesn’t work, that’s normal, just post back. :smiley: \rpom 0]