How do you make the clean look to a graphic?

I know in flash(even if you zoom in super close) the lines come out extra clean. But I’m wondering how I can do it in Photoshop or illustrator. I always get that jagged effects on each line or text that comes out.

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That’s normal, Flash is vectors, and vectors can be scaled.
Photoshop is bitmap, and if you zoom a bitmap, the pixels will show. Illustrator: depends on how you save, can be vector too (but not an image) , serach for SVG = scalable vector graphics or s’thing like that, s’posed to be the next big thing on the web…

Flash 5 has a tracing bitmap button, which traces the bitmap(did I just say that?). What this will do is trace the bitmap(did I already say that?) and make a copy of it using vectors. a word of caution… depending on the bitmap and the options that are chosen you can get a file size that is huge and alot bigger than the bit map.

Just another option so you can convert those simple images into vectors if you wanted.