How do you open a HTML window

i’m a little confused,\r\rhow can i open a new HTML window with a Actionscript button? I can’t figure out the coding for it. so if anyone can help me out i’d be pretty grateful.\r\rthanks

There’s a tute on this site there :…window.asp\rAnd also : [url=“”]…erless.asp\r\rpom 0]

A handy little piece of JavaScript. Paste this into an onRelease function, and it’ll open the window for you. You can specify the height, width etc yourself. \r\rjavascript:var OpenWindow,“pop_up_page.html”, “list”, “width=390, height=320, scrollbars=no”)\r\rAny help?

should work for you! adam :slight_smile:

You wouldn’t believe how many failed attempts it took before I got the coding right for that.\r\rAnd hang on a minute, what’s this “Casual Flasher” next to my name? I’ll have you know I bought that trenchcoat for purely innocent reasons…