Opening a new window with a certain size

I want to open a new window with let’s say height 500 and width 600 could i use this in flash so i can open such an window with an html -file in it, i have made a javascript to do this, but could i use this in my actionscript or do I have to work with getURL somehow.\r\rPlease help me

it’s ok, i’ve found it, jou have to make a link with getURL to an javascriptname and put the javascript in your html\r\rSeticus:x

Could you please tell me how you did it? :slight_smile: \rWhat the function said and what’s in your getURL(" ? ") ?\r\rI’d very very much appreciate that, I am having the exact same problem.\r\r//m3rcc

ok here’s the script:\r\…kirupa.txt\r\rSeticus :x