How do you reference MC's on a timeline?

The project I’m working on requires:
[]Statements that are automatically retrieved from an XML database
]These statements are then faded in and out at various times through the timeline
[/list]To do the first part I used dynamic text housed within a MC with a simple tween.
It is the second part that I am unable to get right, How do you reference these MC’s so as they appear at certain points in the timeline. I tried to construct a simple if else statement to do this but the MC just disappears.

if (_root._currentframe >= 20)
MC2._visible = true;
MC2._visible = false;

If anyone can help put me on the write direction I’d be most grateful

why dont you just put the visible and play code on frame 20?

Thanks bobdoe, but I’m hoping to make this quite dynamic. As such the frames that these MC’s should play at, will be taken from the attributes of the XML document.
Hopefully, this will then allow this to act as a kind of template so as you can change the content by simply swopping to a different XML document.

So what I’m essentially asking is how do you put an instance of a movieclip on the timeline through actionscript?
Can’t find the answer anywhere :frowning: