How do you start your creative proces and planning?

Just something I had in mind. Tomorrow I’m gonna make my first steps towards a really big project I’ve taken on. How do you start? Apart from the phase of demand analisys, when the client tells you what they want, you write that stuff down. You come home and it’s time to get creative. What are the first steps you take?
Here’s what I’m gonna od. I’m gonna take the notes that the client made for the site and the notes I made when talking to the client (luckily I talked them out of an intro flash animation to a xhtml website, sheesh), put them in front of me and then take a big piece of paper, a pencil and some crayons and start drawing on that paper. Drawing the site. I’m probably gonna crumple that paper up and start drawing something different on a new paper but down the line, I’ll get there.
Usually by now I’ve just started making the layout after having the layout in my head, but now I plan to draw it all on a big piece of paper, colour it in, see how it looks, put that aside, repeat process. Seems better than just starting writing layout.