How dumb have you felt recently?

Earlier today I got a call from my workplace telling me there was an urgent problem with the website I created for them and clients were not able to view the information we have promised them access to.

My supervisor and resident database expert took a look at the MySQL databases on our webserver and came to the conclusion that my php code was playing up. Enter the past few hours…

11:30pm: Check work emails for problem rundown and client login information
11:35pm: Start installing xampp and downloading website from webserver using Dreamweaver
11:45pm: Realised that I used the wrong user/pwd combination and downloaded the development site instead of the live site so deleted and downloaded the live site
11:55pm: Couldn’t get hold of .htaccess file through Dreamweaver because it was hidden so started to try other methods
12:20am: After failing loads of other routes I decided to use FileZilla
12:25am: Setup the users required in the databases for the website to function
12:35am: Finally get .htaccess working but can’t get the site to work without an “Error 500” message
12:50am: Remembered that apache isn’t setup with mod_rewrite which the .htaccess file uses
12:55am: Start logging in and out of different user accounts to figure out what’s gone wrong
01:05am: php code looks great and no obvious errors… no un-obvious errors either
01:10am: Check database… data is missing… important data for clients to gain access to their information is missing…
01:20am: Check live copy of database… information is identical to the local copy (because the local copy was a dump of the live database)
01:25am: Write and send email to supervisor about the seemingly fine databases he examined earlier.

I could have saved myself almost 2 hours of time if I had checked the database myself! :trout:

I think I’ll take solace from the fact that it is not entirely my fault, nope, it is 99.9% my fault for not double checking my supervisor’s work but it is still not completely my fault!