How long is too long?

I’ve known this girl for quite some time now. About 6 years now it’s been, and before she used to e-mail me back when I sent her things, and we used to talk online about school and all. I was there when she needed help, and she was there when I needed to help someone :slight_smile:
I think she’s really awesome, and I used to have a thing for her. Those feelings have passed now, and I really just want to have her as a friend. Lately however, she hasn’t e-mailed me back, and she’s always busy when I try to talk to her online. Forget about calling her… I’m lucky if I get the voicemail

So I’m wondering, how long is too long to hold onto a friendship? Am I looking for something that’s just not there?

My apologies in advance … I always get very depressed when I come back home from being away at college, and I tend to blow small problems out of proportion :frowning: