How much knowledge do i need?

Hi all
I’ve only used flash for 5 months now. As you expect, i’m a super novice. I’ve been trying to follow the books, tutorials i fould on web and was able to make some nice animations,buttons and stuff. But i’m not a programmer, i never been one and i just don’t think i got the brains for it. I just know a little bit. Like i said, it’s only been 5 months so i only know how to change other’s script to suit mine, i can’t create any complicated from top of my head. My question is…do I HAVE TO be an expert to make websites with Flash? After all, i’m only learning Flash so I can make interactive websites. I’m not looking forward to making games or drawing boards or anything. Just websites. How much knowledge of Actionscript(or XML) would I need to make a flash only website?
Thanks in advance