How noisy is YOUR computer

mine keeps me up at night(which is why i seldomly leave it on), and doubles as a heater cause of so much heat output.

mine is Noticeably noisy… it needs to be dusted and stuff and i never bothered doing that… i keep on all the time nonetheless :stuck_out_tongue:

intel processors are noisy…my p4 1.2ghz was anyways
but my AMD one’s are nice and quiet…and all my other parts are relatively quiet

my computer has a NICE noisy…like…vrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooom…not blatent noise liek chug chug chug chug old clinkers…

i think my computer can be called a cadilac :slight_smile: =) :stuck_out_tongue:

I got everything special, that it is not noise. And now I hear that ****** WesternDigital Harddisk…

Minds not noisey at all. The only thing you hear in it is the fan, which give that nice gently calming sound, so I like it :slight_smile:

hm… i wanna ask any apple techies on here… is it true that theyre way more silent than PC’s…?:cowboy:

Im not an apple techie, but yes, it is true. All iMacs and Apples I have used were quieter than most PCs I use.

Noise? Pent 4 1.7 ghz… Makes just enough noise so I know if soemthing is wrong…

I’m sorry… I don’t want my computer silent… If you stop hearing the fan run… You’d shut off your computer right away so it doesn’t overheat right? But what if you COULDN’T hear it running?!

The only thing I hate… Are modems… They are just annoying… Other than that… I don’t mind the noise… I typically have music on anyways… And when I don’t… I wanna listen and make sure my baby is running fine.

My iMac makes almost no sound. I don’t know about older Macs though.

*Originally posted by lostinbeta *
**Im not an apple techie, but yes, it is true. All iMacs and Apples I have used were quieter than most PCs I use. **
thats cool!.. so… can i blame microsoft for this one too…? :stuck_out_tongue:

My owner has an Athalon 1.8 Mghz and its pretty loud. but then again, I usually sleep right next to the computer because of its warmth and it helps keep me warm and cozy, and pigs ears are far more sensative than peoples are…

Yep, they are,
Mr. Piggie :tie: :tie:

My computer makes a lot of noise and most of it is coming from my fan, my lil brother slapped on this huge fan for the processor but it works pretty good so I don’t mind the noise too much. =)

Mine could wake the dead… 3 times…

i use a apple powerbook g4, its usually quite but sometimes you can hear the harddrive - but then its just under your wrists!! You can hear my ipod’s hardrive sometimes too, and you can feel it move in your hands!!!

Strange - my Dell P42.2 makes hardly any sound. Then again, I don’t use any type of noisy cooling (no overclocking, etc.). If I ever decide to get a GF FX card, then we’ll see how noisy the comp will get hehe.

Kirupa :ub:

noisy, very noisy but I can sleep better when it’s turned on! =)

listening to my PC at night is frustrating

Actually I relax more when it’s turned on too… it’s almost TOO quiet when it’s off…

Mine sounds like a jet aircraft upon takeoff…it’s like living behind an airport runway, with less risk…and yes, I do use it as a space heater. CPU temp - 12F ROOM temp 87F hehehe

Mine is completely silent almost. Just every 30 minutes or so, it seems like it’ll blow lots of air through it for about 15 seconds, and then go quiet again.