How to add image to environment?

Hi all

I’m quite new to swift3D.

I’d manage to design a mini city.
I just wanna know how to i add a sky image to the background?

No matter what i do, after i rendered, the swf file will still show white background.

Can someone help me please.
Thanx in advance.<:}

I would just make a giant Box and build my city in it, then you can color the sky nice!

But I use v2

Great idea!!!

But would that affect the environment lightings??

I use v3

I don’t think so?! It doesn’t in Swift 3d V2

Anyway, I got the idea from the editor in Unreal Tournement, it also works like that there… But that’s not important…

hmmm… ok i’ll test it with your posted idea.

Thanx alot Didiusthegreat

Cheers - Gary

I hope it works but I think so. I did in v2:crazy:

Nothing is impossible.
Wish me good luck.

Nice forum too. :slight_smile:

As you say: “Good Luck”

And yes this forum is very good, altought I am just a member I have been helped a lot here!

no luck… :frowning:

I create a plane placed behind my mini city, then i create a bitmap to be added onto the plane as the background for my mini city.

But when i rendered it, the image that i added is not exactly the image i added. It somehow become a pattern rather than jus a picture.

What do i do now? The reason i want to add a background to the city is because later when i make animated camera, the background will also be seen rotating. Or is there other ways to do it?

When i added the bitmap, i select “planal solid” at wrap option. Is that right?

Please advice me. Thanx in advance.

Hmm, your right. That could be a problem.

Let me see. Please wait a moment while I try it in my version

Thanx for your patience and your help.

I’ll be waiting for your reply.

Allright now here goes. I’ve quikly made something:

Now tell my your problem again

[swf=“ height=300 width=300”][/swf]


this is done completely in Swift3D??

It’s close, but what i want is the sky (background) is a bitmap.
say like the .jpg picture (below link). How to do that? Or can it be done with swift3D alone?

Yes it is done completly in swift. But I should have changed cartoon fill… Then the colors would be better

but that jpg… In v2 You can’t insert an image… Sorry…

I’m on v3.

I dont mean by inserting the image straight to the empty environment.
Like the one u’d suggested: build walls (planes) around the city…
So can i apply this sky image to the walls (planes)??

I don’t know about V3, in V2 You can’t (at least I haven’t figured it out yet…)

But you can edit the swf in flash…

hmmm… ok
thanx for your help.

Hope I’ve helped a bit…