How to add .swf files to windows walpaper

Hi can anybody help , I need to know how to create wallpaper with interactive flash animation for a clients marketing campaign, but dont want to purchase 3rd party app’s - can anybody help

if you enable active desktop you can do it with flash embedded in html.

i ahve an app called flash wallpaper which converts swf’s into wallpaparers the problem is i can’t find the installer after i create it

I went and downloaded the demo of the app and yes it is what i need, i then created a test paper and followed the directory structure -> c:\windows\web\wallpaper and then modified the javascript in the html file with dreamweaver uninstalled the installer and got it to work without showing demo and installing using a .zip.exe.

Thank you

wow thanks for the skype link it could come in very handy, need to see if it will work in South Africa though, since we only have one phone company and they have a monopoly over all phonecalls and internet connections.

VoIP is purely over the internet- it should work anywhere, its usually free internet-to-internet but to get it to talk to real phones requires a subscription, usually.

flash wallpaper:

ty bombingpixels and everyone else who gave their help and input - I have everything I need once i am done I might post it, so you can all see what you contributed towards.

first result on google usually works :wink: