How can you make a custom Flash wallpaper to launch Apps? [renamed]

I have read the tut… on buttons and sound, and also the on for creating a hyperlink with a button, but I have not been able to think as to How I press a button to activate (explorer.exe) See I want to make a wallpaper (interactive) for my nephews, I’ve already taught them how to make Hot keys for their games, and I use Hotkeys alot too , but I LIKE MY OWN wallpapers,

I like to customize My computer as much as I can… and Flash is another avenue, but I am just starting out , so figured fixing an interactive wall paper is a good place to start…:block:

I don’t think that the Desktop supports flash wallpapers.

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.


Well I am not suprised if it does not support Interactive wallpapers, but you can play Flash animations on it (SWF) using HTML :sigh: :ro:

Well what I had plannedwas to have haveing diferent things fly in (jets,biplane, WW2 Fighter, Spaceships) then when the got on to the screen Id change them to a button so they can activate different programs (explorer.exe, Iexxplorer, diferent programs that are on windows) or even some one I know where the exe file is already… that the plan …

Thank you (whoever) for the rename it is more descriptive that way, I just was not sure how to name it…:book:

I think I may have bitten of more than I can chew (not sure how to do it ALL yet)

so I guess I need to read some more