How to choose the hexadecimal color of the movie I want?

I wanted to change the background color of the movie to #f6f6f6.But I cannot get the exact color I want since there is no option of entering hex color values in flash 5.
So how do I go about it.

First open your mixer panel and enter the color you want. Keep the panel open and then modify your movie. When the color picker shows up, pick the color off the mixer panel. At last I can help someone!

I forgot to add, when you open up your mixer panel, click on the little arrow on the left, it will allow you to switch to hex mode. Then enter your values and modify your movie.

:slight_smile: good thing to add… you beat me to it.

In addition… if one were to modify a movie clip’s color in the “effects” panel, advanced option… you can then dynamicaly alter the color with action script by RGB value, using the setProperty function.