How to convert midi/mp3 files to .wav files

Hello kirupa \rYou have been very co-operative. Thanks!!!:slight_smile: \rHow can midi/mp3 files be converted to .wav files??\rIs there any software or some other way to do it?\rthis is because I’ve some great music but in midi.\rI would be greatful and I appreciate your efforts.

Hello,\rI’m not sure if there are any midi to wav converters. What I would do, because you are using Flash 4, is make sure I have a microphone plugged into the PC.\r\rLaunch Windows Sound Recorder, and in another program (Windows Media Player), play the MIDI file. While the MIDI file is playing, record the sound by clicking on the Record button on the sound recorder. The mic will pick up the sounds and save it as a wav file. The same works for MP3 files I think.

Timidity is a midi “renderer” which will output a variety of waveforms including .wav . It’s free and it’s available for Linux and Windows - go hunt it down on the net…\r\r-JJ-

I’ve tried that and the problem is that Sound recorder only can record 1 min of sound and thats not enough

Just Keep pressing the record button :slight_smile: