How to create a text button that goes to a certain frame

Does anyone know how to create a flash text button that will go to a certain frame in a flash movie? Also, is there a way to load an external flash movie into a ceratin frame of another flash movie?

Thanks for the help!

sry but i refuse to answer that first question as im sure many would say the same.

as far as your question about loading movie do a search for loading movies

i’m a n00b but i think what you’re looking to do can be solved using frame labels… kind of

on(release) {

do this tut to get a feeling for frame labels

i could be wrong but i think that may help

(pre warning, if this makes me sound like a jerk, theres a reason behind it :slight_smile: )

Im pretty sure its written down somewhere that these forums should be used once your well and truely stuck, we are not all here to teach you how to use flash, thats up to you to pursue, fortunately when you run into one of those huge walls (i.e. actionScript :wink: ) you have somewhere to turn…

Your question could have been answered with about 5 minutes of self research bro :expressionless:

… Just thought i’d explain digis response :slight_smile:

luv yah all anywayz :egg:

lol tnks for explaining yoshi…and oh btw well said :slight_smile:

your 1st Q seems unclear to me… just a guess, I think attachMovieCLip will do… on ur 2nd Q, if you load your external swf file onto a mc, you can use _visible function, thus, if that xternal file is not yet fully loaded or not yet in the exact frame, make in invinsible… =)

nox, im pretty sure 1st q is gotoAndStop :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

hmmm… yeah i guess… but im still not clear with this… **"…how to create a flash text button that will go to a certain frame…" **

load it into a movie clip that only exists on that frame, so that it will only exist when that movie clip exists. Of course, you have to attach it while the movie is on that frame, or the movie clip will not exist to attach it to.

hmm… the textfield is not there anymore when you leave that frame and return to it

make transparent buttons on top…