Flash External movie help

I’m new to the forum, and i hope i can ask this in the best way…

I have a simple site, i’m not a big time flash mx guy im just knowledgeable in basic flash.

I have Flash MX

What i want to do is, i have 4 options on my current site.
Artwork, Contact me, Links, About me.

And now my sites huge like 800 kb or so, what i want to do is make all 4 of those options in there own swf, like a external movie.

On my main swf i have Artwork on like frame 25, contact me on frame 30 and links on 35 (etc)

I have simple buttons with the Go_To actions to go to each frame, is there a way to go to the frame and have the movie load there? for instance.

Click on Artwork, it goes to frame 25, then have the movie load?

I’d appreciate any help thanks!

Here you go more advanced for you

I appreciate the help.

Is it possible to get it dumbed down some more? i’m very VERY newbie when it comes to this.

You mean u need a different newbie tutorial!
Hmmm! do a search!..Keywords are External swf, dynamic swf

or am wrong!
LOL :wink:

Well maybe i didnt read it enough, i allready have the buttons made was just wondering what actions i put into each button isnt it a simple "Load movie. “artwork.swf” action into the main swf?

for instance something like…

loadMovieNum(“externalmovie.swf”, “_level1” );

You can download the source file http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/code/complete.zip

To be honest…That tutorial will be easy for you!
Look into each frame and each instances for the Actionscripts!
And you will understand!

Hi :slight_smile:
i am not good at AS, but i waill try:

1- create an empty movie clip
2- drag one instance of this movie to the stage
3- open the properties at the bottom of flash (by default there)
4- in the instace name (in the box) name it any thing you like, i named it emptyMC.
5- choose your button, right click on it and choose Actions and
in the window write this code

on (release) {
loadMovie(“Artwork.swf”, “emptyMC”);

this code for the Artwork, repeat it on rest of the buttons

cheeers :slight_smile: