How To Create Photo Realistic Cloud Effects?

Is there anyway that I can make a photo realistic cloud effects with real looking clouds that just move without buying AE plugins and/or using combustion?

Any way to make them in 3DSM6? Or even just AE?

might help

Nice Link mlk.

That is pretty neat.

i think the simplest and easiest thing to do is just take a picture of clouds or use a stock photo. But you want to create them//and i dont know how to do that

you’d have a real difficulty animating realistic clouds with just a stock photos; it’s often distorted, too small and doesn’t fit. Besides animating a cloudy sky is more than panning a pic of a cloud.

If you had some stock video; that would help…

i dont know why u would even want the clouds…in my opinion they are overused, too many sites are using the clouds, or sky on their sites.

I’m not using them for sites. I’m using them just to learn. And the point is not clouds. With the structure of clouds you can create lots of things. Water, dust and so on ;).

I’m looking to use this inside after effects ;). You’ll see why I’m making this later.

…expect yet another new tut from Sharif…

Basically you’ve got to go inside the wonders of fractals in AE

Oh I never had the thought of making a cloud tutorial. I don’t know if you were mad at me or something for making tutorials but trust me I won’t make one.

I’m making something in AE and I just want to know if clouds are possible before I start. It’s for a battle verses Berk (I haven’t started without him) so I just wanted to know if possible.

Thanks anyways.

BTW - Ayatos tutorials are really bad but I will give this a try ;).


[SIZE=1][COLOR=Silver][/COLOR]huh…he´s going to use cool effects like water and clouds in the battle??? I think I´ll have to use my super-dupper-ultra-cool-outofthisworld-exclusive-effects to finish him fast[/SIZE]


Lol Berk I’m not even sure if these clouds will work.

And don’t copy my little general idea ;P.

dont worry, I already have my idea but I havent started it yet, Im just in the “thinking what to do” stage :wink:

I don’t know if you were mad at me or something for making tutorials but trust me I won’t make one.

unh? no… why the hell should I ? - I just noticed you did the 4 last tuts on the front page so I was like… wow.

The tab one was cool. I had no idea about it.

Oh I thought you were being sarcasting like “oh hell, here’s another d*mn tutorial by this guy” :P.

Oh and I have 5 ;). And thanks.

Trying this cloud tutorial but I have no idea how he turns it so it goes up into the view and sort of rotates like where the sky is. And I can’t even get it to move like his.

Gotta play with fractals then, right ?

Guess so. I’m gonna give it another try today.

If you have a wacom tablet I know of this tutorial site to paint realistic clouds.

Of course these are just basic clouds. You can get much more detailed given some imagination and alot of time.

if u have maya, you can use the fluid effects to make fantastic clouds :slight_smile:

edit// woops… just read that ur using max. nvm :slight_smile:

if you want ultra realistic clouds use a 3d proggy that has particles or HV’s.

try terragen or vue 4 also

if u feel lazy just download a picture from google :slight_smile: