How to create textfield and movieclip automatically

Hi Friends

Howz the day? Well im new to Flash scripting. Can you guide me for the following problem.I generated the xml file through that data in it, i would like to get the output in flash file (.fla).

Hereby i shown you sample xml file in simple format

<?xml version=“1.0” ?>
<Catalog Name=“Guiness Records”>
<Page index=“1”>
<Object type=“Content” xpos=“200” ypos=“200” objwidth=“300” objheight=“50”>
This is a Test Document
<Object type=“Image” xpos=“170” ypos=“270” objwidth=“300” objheight=“50”>

Where in this xml file number of object type of content and image are not same for every page.For every content like to create <TextField> as well as every image like to create <Movieclip> automatically based on every page.

After generating the objects in the xml file into the flash scripting.If its more than one page.User can able to view in the format of <NEXT> and <PREVIOUS> button.

So this is the scenario.if anyone come across this problem just tell your way of suggestion,snippets or sample peice of code to move ahead further.

Any kind of help in this issue can be highly appreciated.Have a nice day