How to do this logo?

To all experts:

Anyone who know how to do this logo pls provide step by step help…


You could do the circle in flash pretty easily using the colormixer and a couple gradient fills, but the text might be a special font, or it was done in Photoshop or something. If you want to do it in Photoshop, post in the design forum, more digital artists there!!(-:

Thanks for your reply. I did try to do it but I can’t do exactly the same logo as the original one. I must do at least 90+% same with the original one as my boss requested =(.

Anyone who knows pls help…

Well, if you do have Photoshop, I’d try some Photoshop tut sites like:

You can learn a lot.

Thank you for your reply Freddy, I know tht Photoshop can do it but the problem is can Photoshop do the exactly same? This is because my x-colleague did it in Macromedia Flash and he has left company. Anyway, thanks! =)

Why is this in the Flash MX area?!?!

Originally posted by Freddythunder:
…post in the design forum, more digital artists there!!

I don’t know man…:crazy:

Q:Why is this in the Flash MX area?!?!
A: Because I copy it frm Flash area. This is website company logo.

umm…oh k… but what does this have to do with Flash MX?

I would advise you to do it in photoshop, seems much easier :stuck_out_tongue:

That tutorials is exactly the one (i think :-), but its for PS, not flash :-\

oh yeah! tht’s wht I searching for. Thanks a lots!!

But let me try to do it first see whether I can do the exactly same or not :wink: Thanks again!!

Here’s another tute that might help.

I did the circle already then how to create the text?


There are lots of tutorials for the text, you can find em in the drawing and design sticky post (the first one i think). I’m not sure how to do it because i’ve never done it :stuck_out_tongue: But i’ve seen LOTS of tuts for this :slight_smile:

If you’re just doing the three letters, then you’re going to be doing a bit of tracing. Try using the pen tool to get the curves spot on, then play around with the blending options (right-click on layer name) to get the shadows and stuff. I’ve not used PS in ages, though, so, erm…

Or you could just track down the guy who left, or persuade them to get a new logo :slight_smile:

actually, you can find the tutorial for that gem:


and here:

I think one of the fonts used in the logo is called Neuropol (or something along those lines), you could easily find it by searching on

By the way, you gotta love the ending… :stuck_out_tongue:

END: You have now created a very basic Aqua looking sphere. Mine is below. For mine I used the airbrush instead of gradients. Now that you know how to make an Aqua sphere (Aqua gem as Apple calls them)… don’t make them. In fact close the photoshop document and don’t even save it! :] The effect has been used WAY too much and is getting a bit old.

Dear all experts,

I did the circle and I don’t know what’s the text font type. I think must use a tool to drag the effect of the text right? The other thing I want to ask is how to change the stroke color? I using Photoshop 6.0.


it looks like the “dts” just has the inner bevel and an outer glow layer styles applied to it. I can’t recall offhand, but I think PS 6 supports those.

To apply, just double click the space to the right of the layer name in the layers palette. In this case the layer would be called “dts” by default, as photoshop will name a text layer according to the contents of the text box.

when you double click, the layer effects window will pop up. put a check next to “bevel and emboss” and “outer glow.” clicking on the names of the layer styles will bring up their options.

Alternately, it may be an outer bevel and an inner glow… play around with it.

hope that helps.

edit after looking at it again, I think it’s an inner bevel, with a drop shadow (so that the shadow falls on the left.)

You can change the stroke color in the stroke window, just click on the current color rectangle, and it’ll pop up the color picker.

if u have bryce 5… u can simply creat a bubble with any texture u have access to…