How to do this logo?

I really appreciate all your helps. Thanks!!
Pls allow me to ask one more question regarding logo.


If a logo has created with the background color or texture, is it possible to remove the background color or texture? The logo is saved in jpeg file.

I tried to change the background in white but the logo look not nice already. How?


You mean you have a logo already as jpg format, and you want to remove its textures and just keep the outline??

then you’ll havta use the pen tool or somethin i think for the best effect…

in Photo…right…I couldn’t make it Flash…

In Photoshop, I would make everything on different layers and then adjust the layers as I needed them. You can then save all the layers seprately or make the whole thing a gif/png.

And, (PS7) you can apply blending options to fonts - don’t know if you can on 6. That way you could use the shape of font you want and then apply textures to just that font. (-:

I really appreciate all your help :wink: thanks, thanks, thanks… :wink:

Yes, you are right. In Photoshop we can edit every object if we put in different layer. Hmnn…, never mine. I’ve found the logo I have to deal with other things!

You all very helpful. Thanks a lot!!