How to finish this job?

I want, that all my pictures acting like this one. SAMPLE What I must do next? Thanks!

Did you make the sample or was it created by some one else?

Yes, I made it myself. new sample

You seem to have figured out you r problem then or do I not understand the question. Looks nice.:slight_smile:

Yes I figured out main motion. This is animation, and file size is too big (207K ) Now my problem is: I want add some sound fx (every picture have own sound and button that stop sound.) I don’t handle actionscript:(

If you send me the FLA and the sounds you want for each button I could hook u up with the sound. But you might be better off going through Kirupa’s tutorials on sound and learning it for your self. If it is something that you need done right away though I can help you out if you want.:slight_smile:

Thank You! Yes maybe I must at first learn my self, after if I have still trouble when I ask help again:) Thanks again!

Well good luck on your Flash adventure. You have already found this forum, which is probably the best Flash help forum I have ever found so your off to a great start.:slight_smile: