How to fit screen with out scroll

ok, here is my problem…
when i view my site,
using 1280x960, the bar on each side fits perfectly without moving the scrolls up or down at all, but when i view it in a lower resolution then that, it could scroll down or up.
how can i make my site un scrollable, i just want to fit all that in a browser without scrolling… please help me…

Of course, people with say 800x600 will not be able to view the whole screen as the page is too big to fit on the screen.

You could make the site a maximum of 750 pixels wide (that included the HTML formatting and or tables).

I normally make my site max 750 in width (it fits perfectly within lower res).

I’ve even seem some people make two sizes and have the index page as a choice as to which size they want to view.

Maybe someone’s got a better way…

The easiest thing to do is to put the whole page as a table and set its width and height to 100%. And lets say we have two cells in a row inside the table, so we can do something like this: Set the width of one of them to 20% and the other to 80%, and the relation will stay in all resolutions. However this will sometimes cause different problems.

uhm, I think that the best way to get rid of the scrollbar is divide yoour page in to two frames, make the top frame 100%, that way it fills your whole page, insert the your page in the top frame and you can set the top frame to no scroll, that way you dont have any scrollbars ever. :smirk:

I agree with Flex…=)

only I usually go with 700 x 400, centered in a table, simply because some of my clients have had some sort of toolbar like office on the side of the screen…:nerd:
just being safe…:-\


Hi buddy,

You will have to make a resolution check of your browser through javascript. On basis of that the page will be loaded and get adjusted according to the resolution of your browser.


Trap the value and in variable and load the page.

Make sure that you use 100% table height and width in order to get adusted according to the resolution. Avoid using more images and if them place on center of the table.

This script workswith IT but not checked with netscape.

It is…


But none of that matters in this case… all you want is to not scroll.

So in that case you should use % sizes for your table widths and heights. That would make it x% of the viewers screen so it will resize to fit all screens.