Web sites

Hey guys,

How do I get a site to look the same on every screem resolution.

If I build it it on 1024 it will be too big for 800
If I build it on 800 it will be to small for 1024

My suggestion, though it may be flawed, would be to make it for a 800x600 screen rez. Then use Javascripts to resize in browswer. Won’t fix everything but it might help you on your way…


You can make a site that stretches to accomodate both resolutions. For instance, an flash site that will display according to the percent of the browser or a table whose width is measured in percent rather than pixels. It’s really all about the design. It’s ok to have some blank areas - in many cases, open spaces help the design - it gives the eye a little break. In my opinion, avoid forcing the viewers to side scroll at all costs.

yeah side scrolling sucks… makes me want hit or just basically smash my PC up… well maybe not as intense as that, but definatly id say the side scroll is a big no no…


This’ll probably just piss people off, but if you make it a completely full screen flash animation it’ll look the exact same no matter what your resolution is set to.