How to get Scrollpane to load jpeg files dynamically

Hi… I’m working on a project, and trying to get the Flash CS3 ScrollPane to work.
It is a real nightmare!

Ok trying to load some jpegs into a scrollpane dynamically.

I opened a new Flash file, and got it working with the following script:

this['scrollpane'].contentPath = "empty_mc";
this['scrollpane'].content.attachMovie("content", "inst_content", 1);

So, I went into my project… and added the following into the movieclip which contains the ScrollPane:

this['window_inst'].contentPath = "empty_mc";
this['window_inst'].content.attachMovie("content", "inst_content", 1);

Ok… so that works… I can see “empty_mc” in the ScrollPane and it scrolls.
So, now I go into my external actionscript… and put the following code in when the page loads:


It doesn’t work.

So I tried tracing.

trace(mcReview[‘window_inst’]); works
trace(mcReview[‘window_inst’].content); **undefined

**It is driving me CRAZY!
Someone puh-lease help me! :frowning: