Scrollpane problem


This problem is driving me crazy. I’m trying to add dynamic content into a scrollpane that’s embedded in a movieClip I’m pulling from the library and attaching to the stage in a number of instances.

Thought this would solve my problems:


I can’t seem to access the content area of the scrollpane at all… I can trace the scrollpane itself, but when I try to attach stuff to spContentHolder or assign a variable to scrollpane.content i get nothing…

Here’s the code… Many thanks in advance…

function loadInfo() {
for (var j = 0; j<allCoaches.length; j++) {
//attaching new instances of the movie clip
var newCoachBar:MovieClip = _root.attachMovie(“coachBar_mc”, “coachBar_mc”+j, j);

    //set up scroll bar 
    //using var mcMain to access content area
    var mcMain:MovieClip;
        //empty movie clip in library with linkage name "scrollClip_mc"
        newCoachBar.infoBox_mc.scrollPane.contentPath = "scrollClip_mc";
        mcMain = newCoachBar.infoBox_mc.scrollPane.content;
        trace(mcMain);//always traces undefined
    //this is the loop where i'm attaching dynamic content
    for (var m = 0; m&lt;allCoaches[j].reasons.length; m++) {
        var newProgress_mc: = mcMain.attachMovie("progress_mc", "progress_mc"+m, mcMain.getNextHighestLevel());
        //using newCoachBar.infoBox_mc.scrollPane.spContentHolder instead of mcMain doesn't work either
        newProgress_mc._x = 0;
        newProgress_mc._y = 0+(m*25);
        newProgress_mc.progReason_txt.text = allCoaches[j].reasons[m].reasonText;
        newProgress_mc.progAmount_txt.text = allCoaches[j].reasons[m].reasonAmount;

//calling another function on finish
initCoaches(newCoachBar, coachFieldPct);