How to 'hide' my collapsed submenu items?

Hi guys,

I dont know if any of you have seen / used the XML drop-dwon menu created by Lostinbeta some time ago? …Anyway for those of you who havent here’s the file (attached). Anyway my problem or ‘issue’ is that I would like to make the baground on the buttons transparent without seeing the submenu items underneath (you wil notice that when collapsing submenu the submenu items slide behind main menu items.)…Ive been fiddling for hours. Could someone plz offer a few momments of their time?

Thanks in advance!

just set the submenu _visible property to false?

Or use a mask over the submenu area

hah yeah wish it was that easy :P. I know that there will be some sort of masking or setting of things invisible. The REAL problem is where or ‘how’ to implement this in the script. :frowning:

You’ll have to run the movie to see what I mean, check the newly attached

Appreciate it anyway dudes…