hoW to load a MC over another MC was loaded in level 2

Under index.swf the file index2.swf loads in level 2 :

  • (loadMovieNum (“flash_folder/index2.swf”, 2); -

index.swf is just an introduction , actually index2.swf is the action

on which there are 3 buttons that I intend to load 3 other

movies , let´s call them x , y and z , over index2.swf ;

I am not exactly sure about the level such mcs will be loaded ,
are the below codes right ? if index2.swf is loaded on level 2
x will load in level 3 …and so on ?

(loadMovieNum (“flash_folder/x.swf”, 3);
(loadMovieNum (“flash_folder/y.swf”, 4);
(loadMovieNum (“flash_folder/zswf”, 5);

Thanks for any help provided

Well the levels go from bottem to top, so 3 is above 2 is above 1 etc. The coding you’ve provided looks correct.

Keep in mind though that sometimes it’s not a good idea to have so many movies loaded into the player at once. It can, but may not, bog down the machine that’s viewing it.

I don’t know if it’s useful or not, but if you load another movie into an occupied level, it will automaticaly unload the existing movie, placing the new load in it’s spot. The swf though will still be in the cache of the user, so when he re-enters that section the file shouldn’t need to download a second time.

not really sure if I answered your question, but then again, I’m not sure what the question was. lol.

Yeah it helps as I am still experimenting I want to cover all the possibilities to learn what should be and what not.

If I understood properly level is in relation from one to another mc ; I loaded index2.swf onto index.swf on level 2 and by means a button placed on index2.swf loaded another movie ;
That other movie I loaded on level 2 and it worked ;
If other movie had to loaded oon index.swf I would be supposed to use level 3 because level 2 is already in use.

…but if you load another movie into an occupied level, it will automaticaly unload the existing movie, placing the new load in it’s spot…

…>>??? I have not understood what you mean because I loaded that third movie I mentioned above over index2.swf ; I let a text effect that belongs to index2.swf running on “background” and started the other movie over ;

index2.swf kept running , was not unloaded ;

It would be useful to me to know the way you work , once again I am experimenting I am opened for new ideas.
Thank you very much David .

What I meant by that is this.


loads a movie called myFile.swf into level 2. If I then do this command.


it loads the myFile2.swf into level 2. The old movie, myFile.swf is no longer playing, or in existence in the player at all. It is only in the cache, and obviously on the server… but it’s not playing in the embeded player.

Same thing applies to movie clips. If you load a movie into a movie clip, and then you subsiquently load a different movie into the same movie clip holder, then the first movie is gone.

I’m not sure what it is you’re saying that contradicts that rule, but that IS the way the program works, I asure you.

Instead of loading into layers try loading into blank MC. You have better control that way. You can also access the loaded SWF with action script much easyier. plus if u modify the swap depth tut u can easly have the MC u want on the top.