Load/unload/*me stupid?

Hello. Im joust woundering, cause im makin a big flash site, and ive desided to make it in several parts. So when i go from the meny to a diffrent part i use the LOADMOVIE.

But the thing i am woundering about is do i have to unload the previous movie? Does the movies stack up? And how do i do it???



If you use loadMovie, it means you’re loading in a clip. So if you load another movie in the same clip, it will automatically remove the previous movie. Actually, the same happens on levels.

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ive used flash for about one year but im joust getting into scripting now=)

_levels are like layers, but not the layers inside the timeline. By default, you work inside _level0, but you can load stuff into any positive level, and it will appear on top of _level0.

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now i see, thats cool=)

Well, advising tutes doesn’t seem to be very well seen recently, but just in case, there are some concerning loading in target and loading in level.

ill check them out=)