How to load external swf in the exact place?

Hi, (Flash MX 2004)

just new to this forum but I guess I will get hooked to it.
I bought a template website and I understand pretty much all of the AS by now that they use. But I would like to decrease the file size so I wanted to load things externally. Here’s a layout:
Main Timeline:
movieclips of all kinds plus a thumbnail scrollbar to load some other
movieclips inside page1.

code on the buttons inside the thumbnail scrollbar:

on (rollOver) {
on (rollOut) {
on (release) {

I get what they mean, no problem (although I don’t quite understand this _parent thing but it will have to do with the hierarchy for sure)
“q3” is a frame lable refering to frame 3 from the MC with instance name “pic”. So far I got it…

But should I adapt this code to load an external swf from the button or should I add some code on the frame labled “q3” in order my MC that I want to load externally here?
And how do I get it on the right place?
Should I unload the MC also to see the next one when pressing another button on the scrollbar?
What would be the most flexible solution?
My knowledge of AS isn’t very high but I can always try.

who can help me out?


EL Davido.