Help me please

I have been rehearsing with a band for the last 5months and part of the deal was that i would create a website…now i am just doing that right but i have a problem with building the bastard!!!

i know a flash website is made up of extenal swfs, but how do i load them. i know what code to put down. for each button …but if you look at this website

obviously when u click the options on the menu bar external swfs are uploaded but how do they load at exactly the correct loactions is there code that helps me do this…

its pissing me off …coz i need to know how to upload external swfs smoothly

i had this idea that i would understand but this much harder than writing music

can anybody help me out


There this tutorial if that’s what u’re looking for.

As for the position of the loaded swf, if the name of the movie clip that you loaded the swf into is named “container”, then you can add this in:

container._x = #;
container._y = #;

Or you could before hand place the movie clip exactly where you want the top left corner of the swf to load.

OR you could have a box…where your movie clip would load into making sure that it’s the same width and height as your swf. But i’m not sure about this one.