How to load swf file from another folder

if the fla.file and the sun.swf is in different folder

the fla.file is in C:\Documents and Settings\student
the sun.swf is in C:\Documents and Settings\student\example

what should i type on the parameter.
i dun understand the [file:///](file:///)

this my script

on (release) {

have you tried using :
on (release) {
Never tried this myself , but seems logical.

yeah that will work

i try but give error on cant find the file

is it bcos i using professional version
on (release) {

Just a thought, but I always use a ‘/’ instead of a ‘’. I’m not sure if it makes a difference or not, you might want to try.

if the swf file is in one folder on top of the fla.file
fla.file in C:\Documents and Settings\student\example
swf.file in C:\Documents and Settings\student

if i put on (release) {

there error said cant find in C:\Documents and Settings\student\example**[U]student[/U]**

wat the parameter to load?

try this.

on (release) {

I think …/ will take you back a folder.

heh heh thank Darren19
it work
i use

on (release) {

ya it make a different in “/” and ""
using your method “/” it can work
if i use the “” the [color=red]first letter[/color] in the folder will be ombited
like example
u load to student/sence/basic
if use ""
u get error report saying u load to