Loadmovie help

I need a simple help

My main flash file is in the root and is called index.swf

and in the index.swf I have a button which has the following action in it.

[COLOR=DarkRed]on (release) {
loadMovie(“somefolder/category1/1.swf”, 1);

[/COLOR]I also tried
[COLOR=DarkRed]on (release) {
loadMovie(“http://www.URL.com/s[/COLOR][COLOR=DarkRed]omefolder/category1/1.swf[/COLOR][COLOR=DarkRed]”, 1);
And its not working!

but if i put like this it works!

[COLOR=DarkRed]on (release) {
loadMovie(“1.swf”, 1);

How do i put the swfs in folder and loadmovie it?

Can someone help!

I know its stupid question but my mind aint working now for some reason :cyclops:

Thanks please help!