How to load .swf files in other .swf files in HTML tables?

Ok I need help on figuring out how to place several different flash files in table cells in HTML. basically how to make a flash website, i did the tutorial for it but it just loads .swf files from one movie clip into another. how do you load a .swf file into another .swf file in an html table? for instance say I have 3 rows for my table. each row has one TD cell. inside each cell is one .swf file.

so we have one .swf file in each row. if i click a button in the top row(top .swf file), how do i get it to make a .swf file load into a blank .swf file in the middle row? i want a top menu in flash and i want it to load .swf files into a middle display area. how do i do this with external .swf files that are not all in the same movie? know what i mean? i hope i didnt confuse everyone. basically, can you target a .swf file in a table cell from a .swf file in another table cell? please email me if you know how to help me, thank you I appreciate your time.