How to make a copyright symbol

does anyone know how to make a copyright symbol in Flash MX

like this one ©

thank you

You need to use “Unicode Escape Sequences”
The code for the copyright symbol is :


Thus the code to isert it into a string would be :
//Thanks to Colin Moock for this info, ASDG 2nd Edition

Create a Dynamic text field and name it “credit_txt” inthe Instance Name field

//actions on frame 1
credit_txt.text=copyright + “myCredits”;

look at this thread. Select the copyright symbol you posted here. Copy it. Open Flash. Make a textField. In that field, paste. If you dont see the symbol, chnge the font to a font that supports it.

if you don’t like any of the fonts version, like senocular suggested, you could always make a little pixel version

Can’t you just hold Alt and press keypad numbers 0 1 6 9 ==> © ?

honestly i open notepad, and then copy and pase to flash :slight_smile:

I just don’t see what you need all this unicode stuff for… Alt-0169 :slight_smile:

the unicode is if you need to add it dynamically through actionscript. Thats when youd use \u00A9

you can also use String.fromCharCode(169);

aaah ok :wink:

Thank you very much for your help