How to make a site like this?

It is a great site but I don’t know how to make it.

What do you need ?
For the navigation :…ngmenu.asp
For the text scrolling :…roller.asp
For the design : use your imagination.
Simple, really.

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I don’t know how to make the navigation, when a button is pressed, above the corresponding text should come. It’s like frames in HTML but I don’t know to make that in Flash.

That’s not so difficult. Did you try the links I gave you ? If you did, all you have to do is put the corresponding text in the right place (instead of the big numbers)

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Srry, I didn’t understood it first, thnx 4 the help. I you ever come to Belgium, I will give you a beer. Cheers!

Unfortunatly, I still got a problem, I don’t know how to insert the text. Could you plz create a fla 4 me. thnx in advance

plz help ilyaslamasse

Gimme your mail.

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[email protected]

thnx in advance

plz help me, thnx, thnx, thnx


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check your mail plz

Nothing there.
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Thnx for the fla file, I only have one problem: size. The movie size should be 640* 400 and the colours have to be: orange and light orange.

Thnx in advance

Hey man, I did a tute about that. Try and do it yourself, that would be better, don’t you think ?

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Yes, but I can’t really do that and I hope you could help me.


I’m a slave… What is it exactly that you want ?

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Don’t do it Pom. Please…If you do it for them then they will never learn. Just write up a quick explanation on how to do it and then make them do it themselves. I’m sure you have more important things to do than someone else’s work. I’m really not trying to be an ass, but please, you can’t expect to pick up Flash, open up the program for the first time and then make a site like that. And if you are asking how to do these simple, basic things, then you obviously haven’t use Flash for very long.

You’re right. I have to be firm. Moreover my dear Mpox, I’m sure that once you’ve completed the darn tutorial, it will all seem easy to you.

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No I still can’t

I create a movie with size 640* 400 and the colours orange and light orange. But when I your navigation code : problems occur: sliding doesn’t work and the due the mask the sliding isn’t fully visible.

Plz help, thnx

I beg you, plz help me.