How to make Flash print?

I am doing off-line flash presentation. I have information about 2 pages [A4 size]. Is it possible to put them in flash and let viewers print a hard copy?

Can you advise good site for off-line flash.

Please help. Thank you

print(); is the method. It’s exact syntax is


where target is the path to the movie clip, and boundingBox discribes the croping of the image to be printed.

I’ve used buttons with this


to print everything showing on the screen.

Thank you so much. But if my information is larger than the scene [e.g. full A4]. Can we convert it to symbol and then tell Flash to print the whole symbol.

I believe that can be done using the first arguement “target”, in the method… but thruth to tell, I’ve never done that. Tell me how much luck you have trying it that way, in the mean while I’ll see if Moock’s book “actionscript the definitive guide”, has anything more to say on the matter.

1/put “!#p” as label for any keyframe of _root level to disable printing this timeline
2/put your text in separate clips, add “#p” to keyframe label to make these clips printable (without the " “!)
3/insert a second keyframe in these clips, put a shape the size you want to print in there, and add a label of #b, which means bounding box
4/button action:
on (release){
if($version!=” "{ //means if the variable $version which is native to Flash is not empty, and thus the version is flash 5 which allows printing
print(“yourClipsName”, “bframe”);
This should work.
What else do you need to know about offline uses of Flash?

thanks eyez. :slight_smile: