How to make mask

hi guys, im new to this site, and im also new to Flash… i just learned flash one week ago, and got this, … thats what ive been working for a week,
i have one question,
how do you make a logo shines like the one in

after you hit enter, there is a logo that shines… how do you make that? i think its using mask, am i right?
well, if anyone could help, i appreciate it…

You are right. It is using a mask. The effect simply varies depending on the logo. Usually, you’re just going to have some motion happen “behind” your logo…that can give it a shine/highlight effect that you’re looking for. This can always change and depends on the type of effect you’re trying to achieve.

yeah glinting text. pretty easy theres a few tutorials in some places…might be one here too heh i havn’t checked…