How to make Omelet with JavaScript

Just idea. Maybe even business idea.

As complete beginner before reading huge piles of books like “JavaScript: The Missing Manual”; “Lords of War or Warlords of JavaScript : )))” etc., I think it would be very useful to create JavaScript book “for Babies” with what and why is for and how to immediately use the knowledge instead of collecting all info, analyze it after and only then to start to construct something.

I like short sentences.
HTML is about structure.
CSS is about design and fashion.
JavaScript is about communications and love. : )

It could be The Recipe Book.
«JavaScript CookBook or Quick Recipes how to make an Omelet with JavaScript and eat together!» : )

For example, TOC (Table of Contents) includes:
1st Recipe ”How to Replace the Text?”
What do we need?
a) brackets () {}
b) var — variables
c) function — knowing possible functions.
(What verbs we can use and what is forbidden? Why? Some quick useful info: Not to run on Red Light!)

2nd Recipe: “How to hide text?”

3rd Recipe: ”How to add Input with with JavaScript?” and so on.

And after readers can go to deeper expectations and dive deeper.
Making step by step difficult scenarios. History and old necessary stuff.
Adding jQuery library.

Our Publishing House is ready to publish after and share income with authors. : )
Thank you to all idea supporters!

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If seriously, even Douglas Crockford mentioned there are a lot of bad books on JavaScript, learning this language except David Flanagan’s book which is less worst. Many examples aren’t quite well, that’s why it’s the challenge!
Anyone can put his own lovely example making the next book more understandable and useful!
OK, I know alert(“Hi all!”); and so what?

For me, more useful is an example of
HOW to calculate the Square values?

function calc() {
var w = document.getElementById(“Width”).value;
var h = document.getElementById(“Height”).value;

var Square = w * h;
document.getElementById("Answer").value = Square;


and after follows description placing it in «Input tag».

The challenge is to minimize overloading too many new things when teaching people programming. For your square example, I would assume it should come after explaining the DOM, attributes on DOM elements, and multiplication :stuck_out_tongue:

Idea was to find best Learning start point! Complicated things explain simply. Just to be in newcomers shoes! : )
Best teaching Language principle is to learn and already to use. Some knows Grammar well, but cannot speak. : )

I like this way:

: )