How to make quick Animations

I have typed about 10 letters.And color filled it\rchosen a background color.Iam having a AMD K6-2 550Mhz\rprocessor.How much time does it normally takes \rhours to export can i make it quick.\rPlease give any suggestions\rThanks in <<advance\rJayakamal

Hello,\rIt will take hours. Let’s put it this way; for one letter that is animated to spin, the file size is about 14-20k. Now 10 letters that are animated to spin will be around 200k alone. The process time does take hours. \r\rIt all depends on what configuration you have (AMD K6-2 550). On my PC it takes about 30 mins (P3 933), but that is still a long time to watch the Ravix processor draw all the lines individualy. What I usually do for large Swift 3D files, is simply export the outlines only. Then inside flash, I lay the movies on top of each other. So when they move, it creates an illusionary effect. For web based publishing, Swift 3D is just not a program that creates small files. \r\rI hope that helped. If you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reply back.\r\rRegards,\rKirupa Chinnathambi\

Dear Thambi,\r Thanx Very much for the advice.\rHope it would help.Keep up the good job.\rGreat Site & Great Suggestions Too…\rThank U \rJayakamal