Any more information on reducing your file sizes?

I was just wondering if you had any more info on reducing the file sizes of an animation?

I made a spinning logo and it was 200k, so i’m desperately searching to find how to reduce that filesize.

Hello EliteG000,
Unless the animation is created in another application such as illustrator, the files size for anything created within Swift such as text, squares, etc. take up a lot of space. But when I do use 3D in Flash (I don’t use 3D all that much), I use Swift 3d.

When I publish the Swift 3D SWF file and import it into Flash, I often delete a keyframe from the animation every 2 or 3 frames. Each keyframe in a Swift animation is about 3-8KB each. For a fairly large 3d Shape that is being rotated, the file size could balloon even more. Anyway, deleting a few random frames does not degrade too much from the animation.

To help reduce the file size, I also select each frame of the Swift animation in Flash, and press the Smooth or Straighten buttons. That helps remove some of the extraneous artifacts that might degrade the look of the animation as well as take up a lot of space. I also Optimize the animation by removing extra curves, etc. by going to Modify | Optimize. Optimize is similar to using the Smooth and Straighten icons at times!