How to make translucent lines running onto a image like this?

how to make translucent lines running onto a image like this website does?

Very good use of multiple masks.

pom :slight_smile:

like how??

Well, it a bit hard to explain:[list][]you have your background image[]on top of it, you have 2 or 3 movie clips of the same image, a bit larger or smaller or with different colors or what you want[*]In these movie clips, you have an animated mask (tweening) going left and right, so that you can only see parts of that clip[/list]And that’s about it.

pom :asian:

does the mask have to be a particular color? what if you wanted it too look just like that website previously?

The color of the mask doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t show. You have to mess with the image you are masking. See here, there are 3 or 4 images, slightly different in color, alpha, size and I don’t what else, and each is masked by a mask that is motion tweened. Then they are all put on top of another, and you get this very nice effect.

Is it clear enough or do you need a fla?

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yes i do need a simple fla to be demonstrated for this effect, thank you!! :slight_smile:

I too would like to see how this is done, if someone could post a fla.


yes an fla with an explanation would be quite lovely! Please


Like this:

Nice one, jerry. [SIZE=1]and yet another Danish crazy man…[/SIZE] :crazy:

Yes that is nice, easier than I thought too.

Thanks, Jerry


Thats a cool effect someone should make a tutorial on it. :elderly:

yes, tutorial PLEASE!! :-\ though it was nice i am not able to get it work, i almost got it but evidently i am doing something wrong, i know the fla should be enough but i am just not making it work…not yet anyway

i got it to work thanks for the .fla :stuck_out_tongue:

Acturally with an fla that self explanitory who needs a tutorial. Now I’m off to use this effect to make me self a snazzy banner. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks jerry, a very nice sample!! :slight_smile:

but for the url i provided, some are transparent, but some are in translucent effect. How could make those color and alpha differently when doing the masking (no matter what color the lines are, the masking always ignore them all)?

You could adjust the color balance in photoshop, and make a new image!..

Like this:

or you could use the tint effect in flash like this…

Go here for the fla and

Go here to view the swf