How to open external html files from within a movie?

hey everyone. i’m working on a flash menu and i’m trying to integrate it into an HTML www but i’m having one problem… i don’t know how i can open external html FILES (not actual www URLs) when i press a button in the menu. lets say the menu is located in the window index.html and after pressing a button, i want index2.html to load in the same browser window. how can i do this, assuming that both files are in the same folder?
thx in advance

What you mean is that you want to have a flash movie of a movie and when a user clicks on the movie it will change the html page accordingly.

If your using dreamweaver have flash send var to dreamweaver then have dreamweaver open a diffrent text/html based on the varable sent(many ways to do this, someone else more familar with this can help)

Send the variable to another movie in the same scene as the menu movie and have the loader movie load up the text (if all you need to do is load text)

Their may be an easier way!

hmmm, sounds complicated. i was hoping that there would be an easier way of doing this, maybe using some scripts to just open whatever file a button is linked to in the same window.

	getURL("index2.html", "_self");



thanks a lot, scotty. it works very well. but what would i write as the path if the menu was in another folder and i tried to access a file that is outside that folder (in the previous one)? thx

getUrl("", "_self");

[size=1]Replace index2.html with the path on your server if necessary[/size]
Don’t know for sure, but give it a try;)