How to place a banner

ok, i got the code for my banner and it is
A HREF=“”><br>
IMG SRC=“home-banner-468x60.gif” BORDER=“0” HEIGHT=“60” WIDTH=“468”

how do i place it on a specific point of a web page?

like if i want to place it in the middle of the screen or at the bottom?


Hey Makaveli,
Do you use any program such as DreamWeaver or FrontPage? They would make it much easier. Anyway, to answer your question, you would use a table. If you need any further help, just reply and I’ll send you a sample HTML file that’ll help you out :wink:

Kirupa :asian:

yes actually i do use dreamweaver. any help would be much appreciated because i wanted to also place a counter which stays at the top of the page to be placed at the bottom.


Welcome to the wonderful world of HTML tables and CSS!

Put this:

<div align="center"><img src="" width="468" height="60">

In the middle of your body tags like this:

<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000">
<div align="center"><img src="" width="468" height="60"></div>

That is the full script used to place your banner and this tag:

<div alight="center"></div>

Is to center your banner in the middle of the page and at default the image will be placed at the top of anything below it!

do i have to use center or is there a way to find out if i can align the banner to either left or right, maybe i want it to be left center or just a little above the bottom. how would i go about doing something like that? thx for all ur help! :slight_smile:

To make it go right or left change it to these:

<div align="right"></div>
<div align="left"></div>

To make change to the vertical position of the banner you are going to have to use tables like this:

<table width="100%" border="0" height="100%">
    <td valign="bottom"> 
      <div align="center"><img src="" width="100" height="25"></div>

aight, is there a way to put the banner at like a little to the left but no too much? like i see sites with banners right next to the text during an article or in between an article. i use dreamweaver so is there an easy way to do it using that or do i have to use html and write

div align=“leftright”></div

or something like that. basically i want control over where on the page the banner is placed. thx

p.s How the heck do u make it so that the div align or any html code appears on the forum, when i post the code it doesn’t show up!

<div align=“leftright”></div>

You have to use the PHP tag on the vB code menu. And you can use Dreamweaver instead of hardcoding a site it just takes time to learn and if you ‘bought’ dreamweaver it came with a book…read about tables and if I have time maybe I will write a tutorial on it!

it would be great if you could write a tutorial really soon! i read the tables stuff and i’m lost. i used the layout table and I inserted the pic into it. then i put this code

<A HREF=""><br>

and aslo beneath that

<IMG SRC="home-banner-468x60.gif" BORDER="0" HEIGHT="60" WIDTH="468">

and a seperate image comes at the top of the page. [COLOR=blue]I NEED THAT TUTORIAL! even a quick small one![/COLOR] thx dan

I’ll see what I can do…:stuck_out_tongue:

thx alot, if anyone else could do something about placing banners in dreamweaver using tables or whatever, help me out! thx alot!

anyone know any sites where they teach how to place banners using tables or on how to place banners with the code specified like this

<A HREF="">

<IMG SRC="home-banner-468x60.gif" BORDER="0" HEIGHT="60" WIDTH="468">

cuz when i place this stuf i can only place them at the top left or right etc. i want complete CONTROL! maybe in the middle of text or between two other images. you guys understand what i mean right?! :rambo: PLEASE HELP!! I’m DESPERATE!!! :asian:

hey phil, i been gone for a while but im BACK! its not a header, but rather a banner i got from amazon. they gave me that code and i have no clue how to place banners according to how i want. for example, i see advertisements in the middle of an article attractively placed so people can see it easily. i dunno how to explain it more…wait a minute…i’m gonna go check the source for the sites…why didnt i think of this earlier. anyways if anyone knows how to palce using DREAMWEAVER 4 with complete control! let me KNOW! i know how to place the images but i don’t know how to make them link

IS IT AS SIMPLE AS placing a link like this on the image?

<A HREF="">

and i don’t even need the second piece of code:

<IMG SRC="home-banner-468x60.gif" BORDER="0" HEIGHT="60" WIDTH="468">

i think that would work!!! i’m going mad at how simple it was and i didn’t think of it b4. dam html confused me! BAH BAH BAH!!! @$#[email protected]%#%@#^#%@$#@%@%#@$%[email protected]^#@^@#$#%@#^@#$%@#^#@^@$^@

yea i got it, thx alot everyone! my next question is how do i add suburls into my url. ex if my site is and i have a link to info about drivers how do i set my url when that link is clicked to be ?? curently the link stays the same for every page and also i am using frames…is there no way possible to do it in frames…i dont want to open another blank page. thx ahead of time :slight_smile: