How to properly check externally loaded SWFs with preloaders?

I have a ‘main.swf’ file that is loading externally loaded SWFs. In ‘main’, I am attempting to create a universal preloader that checks to see if the externally loaded SWFs are completely loaded.

I am not quite there yet, and I am using the debugger to help me assess the bytes loaded with time through the ‘main.swf’ file. What happens is that the debugger will process ‘main.swf’ file, but it doesn’t appear to be processing the load progress for my externally loaded SWFs. Instead, it appears to just completely load with disregard to the debug download time setting. (I am using Flash MX).

Is this supposed to happen? And if so, is there anyway around it besides loading it to a server to check for complete load and download progress?

Also, I have checked out Claudio’s external preloader on and was wondering if anyone can point me to a resource with more variations of the code and methods.