Preloading External Swfs

i’m having a problem with using a preloader to load external swfs into my movie. the swfs are loaded into my movie using “holder.loadMovie(movies[k])”, where movies is the array i’m using to reference the movies i want to load. the problem is that the movies being loaded using this method are not being preloaded correctly. in my preload function, the percent variable that i’m using is constantly at 100% no matter how large the external swfs are. even when i try placing “trace(holder.getBytesLoaded()/holder.getBytesTotal())” into my enterframe function, the value always traces to 1, meaning that everything has been fully loaded. i have also tried using the debug options to change the speed of the load to simulate a slower speed, but still, it made no difference.

so my question is when you load external swfs into a movieclip in your main movie, how can you properly track the progress of the load?