How to record TV on your pc?


Is there anyone here who has experience with recording something off the television onto a computer? It can be done, right?

Anyone know how? Or have a good link to something explaining?

I got a new laptop recently, and there was this coard that came with it that said something about “TV this or that”. So I was wondering if this means I can record things off my Television.

Anyone know how to?

you probably can :slight_smile:

I had a card once too that allowed me to watch TV on the comp, but I never tried to record any of it :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm… I should’ve saved a lot of simpsons episodes then… :frowning:

You need a videocard with Video-input or a Tv-tuner-card.
Try looking at some pinnacle products, they are famous for this kind of stuff…

I use ATI TV Wonder VE. It’s a TV card that branches off my internet access. Recording is easy, but you have to compress them on your own. The best quality is DVD quality which does 8mb/s, recompression takes a lot of time. There are software out there that does it automatically, but they’ll cost you.

The ‘TV this and TV that’ is probably a TV output meaning that you can plug it into the TV and instead of using your LCD, use the TV as your monitor. I doubt a laptop will have a TV tuner inside. Unless you have a coax jack on the laptop or some connection that goes to a coax, it’s worth a try. Otherwise, most TV cards are for desktops.

Sites vary what you’re looking for. Check your device manager for the name of the ‘tuner’ and then I can help you some more.

Okay, thanks for the info, but I’m still kinda noob to all of this, so all I know is:

My Video Card is an ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9600/9700 Series (if that’s what you mean :ne: )

and I’ve checked the cable again and it’s called a, “S-Video Composite Adapter” and it’s pretty short with a yellow and a black end :ne:

Any more ideas? I still can’t really figure out :ne:

If it’s an S-Video adapter, then it’s to TV only. It’s output. I’ve heard of ways you can reverse it, but it’s not worth trying.

So with that, all I can do is use my television as my computer screen? Nothing more? :frowning:

I was already dreaming of recording stuff off TV and then burning it to DVD’s :frowning: [size=1](For personal use ofcourse :ne: )[/size]

I’m afraid not young padawan. It isn’t exactly DVD quality anways so you’re not missing much.

you can do that with a dazzle card and some free software if thats what your into for more info you can go here check ut the tutorials section it covers how to capture video from tv, convert and compression methods and it also has a forum very helpfull :wink:

What’s a dazzle card?

Okay, thanks for the help, but I’m not going to buy a card (first off, I wouldn’t know how to put it into my laptop (if it’s even possible) and second, I’m not that eager to do it anyway. I just thought if it were possible, why not try it. But it isn’t, so… :frowning: )

K, thanks for the help guys.

Well, less DVD, more gaming. :thumb:

That’s right, always look on the bright side of things :thumb:


get a tv-tuner for your computer…they are really great! i had one already on my computer…and they work fine. sony even gave me a remote control for it!

My wireless mouse is my remote control.